A small-scale company that started in 1993 has, in the meantime, developed into a large and reliable partner in the field machine safety. ESV Technisch Adviesbureau specialises in the Machinery Directive and the Work Equipment Directive.


ESV addresses machine safety in a wide range of areas. This includes everything from agricultural machinery and large production lines, to fairground attractions. While our portfolio has expanded considerably since we were founded almost 30 years ago, our vision and approach has remained the same from the very outset.


ESV dares to think differently, namely out-of-the-box. Customisation in combination with far-reaching flexibility, instead of standard solutions. A clear insight into expected investments from the beginning, instead of hidden (extra) costs afterwards. Clearly understandable language, instead of ambiguity. We place great emphasis on the practical viability (and practical understanding) of the safety solutions that we devise. However, this is only possible because we possess extensive practical experience with laws and technology, and are familiar with your clients. So it should come as no surprise to learn that many clients and other machine-safety partners, from a variety of sectors, have been using our services for many years. We continue to be proud of such support and loyalty.

A familiar face and continuity

ESV is also able to distinguish itself when it comes to the diversity of its employees. A mixed group of experienced consultants is ready to advise and support you each and every day. We always match the right consultant to each individual assignment. In other words: a suitable professional consultant who matches your company and your needs. Although each professional has specific capacities, all have the same ESV DNA!