‘A truly professional service provider’ …

Leersum-based GEERTECH B.V. has three divisions; Off-the-road, Rental/Mechanisation and Machine building.

The machine building division has become a versatile international machine-builder for the agricultural, arboriculture and orchards sectors, but increasingly constructs special machines for the earth-moving and industrial sectors.

GEERTECH has been collaborating with ESV since 2017. “ESV took care of the whole CE process for two special machines. This included everything relating to CE markings; performing a risk inventory, compiling a safety report featuring viable solutions, compiling a plan or approach, creating a Technical file, etc. They were motivated, enthusiastic and specific from the outset. In other words: sleeves rolled up and ready to go. A CE consultant then came to thoroughly measure and discuss our machines. They also got us thinking. We sparred with one another about safety and user-friendliness. What could be done differently and better? The process is valuable because it involves a considerable investment. So you must be quite demanding when it comes to costs/benefits.

But it’s something that must be done; machine builders simply have to comply with all requirements. I feel safe in the knowledge that I am working with ESV. They are in perfect control of everything. Yes, I would definitely recommend ESV to everyone in my network. ESV is extremely professional.”

- Jan van de Geer, founder and owner Geertech B.V.