‘Especially very technical competent...’

Grobbendonk (Belgium)-based Didak Injection has been a specialist in sustainable crates and packaging since the 1960’s. The company is also an expert in custom molding: customization in plastic injection molding. Didak develops plastic products from the first concept up to and including the total production for customers from numerous sectors at home and abroad.

“In 2019 we came into contact with ESV for the first time through a supplier of ours. Didak was looking for a company that could unburden us in the field of safety. ESV provides us with an analysis of the entire company, in particular on safety and the assembly of the technical installations. In other words, ESV reports the shortcomings, comes up with improvements and takes care of all technical files. All this fully complied with Belgian requirements and standards. We are talking about 39 machines, about 70 robots and 15 automated production lines. In other words, a complete factory.

We are very satisfied with the cooperation with ESV. Firstly, because everything goes according to joint agreements. Secondly, the people at ESV are very technically competent and always think along in solutions towards the customer. There is close support with our technical department. Previously, we have also looked for a partner in Belgium who can support us in this matter. and even started a pilot with them. However, we soon saw the great professionalism and technical expertise of ESV and clearly opted for this party ”.  -Henk Goedhart, Plant Manager Didak Injection.