“ESV is an independent advisory body”

Since 1 April 2012, EuroChem Antwerp forms part of the international EuroChem group, one of the world's leading producers of mineral fertilisers.

“EuroChem strives to create safe working conditions for all its employees and for all external parties working at our site. For that reason, the logistics department was audited by an external party in 2019. This resulted in up-to-date risk analyses for the various equipment used in the department. However, these risk analyses are not the end of the story for EuroChem Antwerp; they only mark the start of our efforts to further improve our working conditions. To help implement these risk-reducing measures in a systematic manner, one of our partners brought us into contact with ESV. We had a good feeling about them right away: ESV was quickly able to convince us of their expertise. Furthermore, they have assisted various other companies with similar projects.

ESV is able to look at the high-risk aspects of our operations from the right angle and they help us set the right priorities. They offer the necessary expertise to further develop the measures. ESV is an independent advisory body that offers us the support we need to realise the further implementation of our risk-reducing measures. The collaboration is very pleasant.”
- Peter Vermaete, Asset/Production Manager EuroChem Antwerp NV.